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IHOPKC: Statement from Victim Representatives

Public Statement: December 16, 2023

“Along with local counsel, Caleb J. Aponte, I have had the privilege to work with
several individuals who have reported being abused and traumatized while being a part of the IHOPKC community. I can assure you that this group wants the full truth to surface with the hope that those who have perpetrated abuse will be exposed and held accountable and that the system which fostered such a harmful environment will be genuinely transformed. Tragically, the actions of IHOPKC and its current leadership seemingly demonstrate a very different agenda.”

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in Texas Platformed Convicted Sex Offender for Decades

Published in Josh Shepherd Report: May 10, 2023

“For over two decades, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, a college ministry in Texas affiliated with the Assemblies of God, has allowed a registered sex offender to attend meetings and prey on students, raping or sexually assaulting at least 13 men, whistleblowers say.”

SC Church Places Youth Pastor On Leave After ‘I ♥ Hot Youth Pastors’ Sticker Incident

Published in The Roys Report: October 10, 2022

“The way I was hearing it, the fact that it ‘offended some people’ seems to be the only reason they are investigating this,” Tchividjian said. “When a person who has been handed responsibility from the church to oversee care and discipleship of minors is handing out a sticker (like this), it shows horrible discernment and judgment—at the very best.”

What it means for the Southern Baptist Convention to be under federal investigation for abuse

Published in The Tennessean: August 15, 2022

"I hope people measure their expectations," said Boz Tchividjian, an attorney who represents abuse survivors and a former prosecutor. "I think it's a good thing that they (the SBC) are being subjected to the civil authorities…But we just don't know."

The Village Church Settles Abuse Complaint

Published in Christianity Today: August 12, 2022

“Our client’s testimony regarding the assault and who committed it has never wavered,” Boz Tchividjian, one of the attorneys representing the woman, told CT. “It’s tragic that TVC never really seemed to grasp that. We are so grateful to our client for taking the profoundly difficult and brave step forward to bring darkness to light in this egregious matter.”

How Child sexual abuse lawsuit under NC SAFE Child Act settled against former Asheville school

Published in Citizen Times: July 8, 2022

One of Howald’s attorneys, Boz Tchividjian, of BozLaw PA in DeLand, Florida, said the fact that Ben Lippen School settled before the Supreme Court even ruled on the constitutionality of the SAFE Child Act is significant.

“It is unusual for these cases to be settled while the matter is pending before the N.C. Supreme Court. Most parties have pushed the ‘pause’ button until there is a ruling,” said Tchividjian.

How Franklin Graham pushed a domestic abuse victim to return to her husband

Published in The Washington Post: June 20, 2022

Boz Tchividjian — a grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham, a nephew of Franklin Graham and a lawyer who represents sex abuse survivors — said there is a pattern in parts of conservative evangelicalism that emphasizes the authority of men and fosters skepticism among leaders toward abuse allegations.

Several Women Counseled by NJ Pastor Say He Abused, Exploited Them

Published in The Roys Report: June 3, 2022

“There’s a fear of if you step forward and expose this type of conduct . . . you will be the one who is forced to lose community,” Tchividjian said. “And that happens all the time . . . and all you’re doing is empowering the offending party to engage in that type of conduct because they feel invincible.”–said Boz Tchividjian

The Next Christian Sex-Abuse Scandal

Published in The American Prospect: May 5, 2014

Even so, the idea that Bob Jones would reach outside itself for help was stunning-especially considering to whom it was reaching out. GRACE was founded by a member of evangelical royalty: Boz Tchividjian ("rhymes with religion," he likes to say), a former prosecutor who teaches law at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Jerry Falwell's legacy school, and who is the grandson of "America's pastor," Billy Graham. Before he came to fame, Graham was a Bob Jones University dropout who Bob Jones Sr. said would never amount to more than a "poor country Baptist preacher somewhere out in the sticks."

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed

Published in Premier Christianity: June 1, 2022

“What I’ve consistently heard from abuse survivors from faith communities has been the following: ‘The abuse that was perpetrated against me was traumatic and will take a lifetime to heal from it. But what was worse than that was the response from the very community who I thought would be my greatest advocate, but who turned their back on me. I don’t know if I’ll ever heal from that.’ That’s really profound if you think about it. They’re saying the failed response from the church community has a graver impact on the victim than the actual abuse itself.” –

Southern Baptist Leaders Mishandled Sex Abuse Crisis, Report Alleges

Published in The New York Times: May 22, 2022

"This Report is horrifying. The Number of lives decimated by those who claim to follow Jesus is almost beyond comprehension," said Boz Tchividjian

Religion News Service: Lawsuit accuses ACNA church of Negligence that Resulted in Child Sexual Abuse

Published: May 18, 2022

In a case co-counseled by Boz Tchividjian, the Anglican Church in North America’s Upper Midwest Diocese is being sued for negligence. This comes in the wake of the ACNA publicly grappling with accusations of mishandling abuse allegations since summer of 2021.

Parents of 5-y-o girl Sexually Assaulted on Palm Sunday at Sunday School Settle with Church

Published in The Christian Post: April 14, 2022

In a case co-counseled by Boz Tchividjian, the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth in Michigan has reached a confidential settlement.

Christianity Today: Josh Duggar Found Guilty in Child Sex Abuse Materials Case

Published: December 9, 2021

Josh Duggar has been convicted of receiving and possessing material that depicts the sexual abuse of children. Boz provided insight to how the trial should be received by faith communities—where crimes like these certainly happen.

The Jerusalem Post: Orthodox Union sued over past abuse by rabbi convicted of sexual abuse

Published: November 30, 2021

BozLaw and CrewJanci together represent the victims of an Orthodox Union youth group, who have been sued over past abuse by Baruch Lanner, a rabbi convicted of sexually abusing teenage students.

WPSD Local: Charles Bronston Jones: Doctor on the Run

Published: November 18, 2021

More than four decades after abuse at a Paducah community, the trauma the victims experienced remains. Boz is interviewed for this story.

Business Insider: Former Young Life members across the US say they experienced sexual misconduct at the teen mega-ministry

Published: October 6, 2021

According to some in the organization, Young Life has also been a setting rife with sexual harassment and assault of both student members and volunteers, often at the hands of peers or adults they trusted.

The Charlotte Observer: Few child sex abuse survivors seize chance to sue in NC. Time is running out.

Published: October 3, 2021

The effort to reform the laws and extend the statute of limitations—allowing abuse victims to sue their perpetrators—has faced many challenges. In this article, read how one survivor, and client of BozLaw, has fought to take her life back.

60 Minutes Australia: Hillsong Hell

Published: September 18, 2021

In this 60 Minutes (Australia) story, Boz Tchividjian is interviewed about his client, Anna Crenshaw, and the ongoing controversies at Hillsong Church.

The Roys Report: Director & Dean of Zacharias Institute Resign ‘Humbled’ and ‘Wrecked’

Published: July 28, 2021

Vince and Joanna Vitale announced they’re resigning from RZIM “to allow ourselves to be deeply formed by all that we have been humbled by and wrecked over in the last year.” The Vitales apologized in February for perpetuating the “lies” of Ravi Zacharias and hurting his victims.

Citizen Times: Ben Lippen School Denies Claims by Former Student Alleging Sexual Abuse by Teacher

Published: May 24, 2021

Vince and Joanna Vitale announced they’re resigning from RZIM “to allow ourselves to be deeply formed by all that we have been humbled by and wrecked over in the last year.” The Vitales apologized in February for perpetuating the “lies” of Ravi Zacharias and hurting his victims.

Religion News Service: Guidepost Reports Bryan Loritts Mishandled Abuse Allegations at Former Church but did not Cover Them Up

Published: March 31, 2021

A new report shows how much churches still need to learn about dealing with abuse.