While the decision to pursue legal action was entirely mine, I did not walk through the process alone. Boz was with me every step of the way, from patiently answering my many questions to advocating for me against an institution that viewed me as a liability. Undoubtedly, seeing Boz fight for me helped my healing process.

K. Trout


Boz was a lifeline following the sexual assault of our daughter at church. He was, and continues to be, a source of encouragement, clear legal guidance, and deep, empathetic understanding of the devastation caused by sexual abuse for both victims and their families – particularly when the church itself perpetuates the trauma.  Boz is dedicated to the work of justice and the impact it ultimately has on healing for survivors.



I’ll always remember our first conversation with Boz. I got off the phone thinking he was too good to be true. Not only did he listen deeply to our story and our pain, he also understood our struggles and was committed to doing what was best for our daughter. Every step of the way, his wisdom and expertise reassured us as we embarked on our journey to seek justice. He never let us down. With humility, humor, and a righteous rage against corrupt systems that fail to protect the vulnerable, Boz expertly helped our family move towards healing.


We were all so grateful that he was on our team.

Mike & Moni Hill


Boz is an expert on the topic of abuse, specifically within a church or organizational context. He has been so helpful and thorough as my lawyer through the process of speaking out and seeking justice. I’m thankful to have a lawyer that is always a step ahead and very knowledgeable in this field.

A. Crenshaw


We contacted Boz at what easily could be considered the darkest time in our collective lives—after sexual abuse disclosure by a trusted evangelical leader. Sexual abuse steals and it steals everything. Seeking a consultation, and eventually legal representation with Boz, was the one of the most empowering steps that we took towards taking our lives back. From initial contact to settlement, Boz’s expertise and experience not hold helped us, at times it held us.
Thank you, Boz—for everything.

Brad & Lori Anne Thompson


Boz was the perfect balance of pragmatism and idealism. He provided a very realistic outlook on my case and that made the whole process less stressful. In addition to that, I shared deeply personal stories and information with him and he is one of the most accepting and understanding people I’ve ever met. He is someone who gives Christians a good name.

He does not judge. His focus is on helping others seek justice and peace.

Amelia Tramontano


When Ravi Zacharias International Ministries sent me an NDA, I felt betrayed—and vulnerable. How could I fight a powerful, wealthy organization by myself? Boz compassionately advocated for me and expertly guided me through the negotiation to a successful outcome.

Carson Weitnauer


Boz knows what he’s doing. He is honest and fair. He can & will help you. I am forever grateful for this wonderful man who loves God and zealously advocated on my behalf as I was seeking justice
after being abused by powerful Christian leader.

Vicki Blue


It was the nightmare I did not wake up from. My son abused while away at a church summer camp, by a man four times his age, setting off a chain of events in the years to follow that would take him to the darkest of places. There was no one to tell, to understand, or give us hope.
And then there was Boz.
He stepped in and told my son what was done to him was a crime, and not his fault. He saw him, heard him, and cared for him, and then he fought for him—something no one in the church had done.

Boz went above and beyond in every way, from the beginning to the end of the legal process, and then afterward as well.

To say that my son and I are grateful for Boz would be an understatement.