Ep.030: Boz Tchividjian on abuse in the church.

Hosted by Raleigh Sadler

In this week's episode, Boz Tchividjian and I dive deep into an issue from the headlines that often lurks in the shadows of our faith communities – abuse, particularly within the church. Have you ever wondered what grooming means in the context of spiritual abuse? Or how power dynamics within religious organizations can lead to victimization?

BONUS: Boz Tchividjian on Friendship.

Hosted by Raleigh Sadler

In this candid conversation between Boz Tchividjian and me, we dig into the difference between acquaintances and genuine friends, helping you understand who you can rely on. And just a note of caution: we don't just skim the surface. This isn't your typical "how to make friends" advice.

BONUS: Boz Tchividjian on Friendship.

Hosted by Maureen Garcia

Episode 80 | Addressing Spiritual Abuse In The Church | Guest: Boz Tchividjian

Honestly, Though


Support for Survivors Podcast:

Host Shaunestte Terrell talks with Boz Tchividjian, a fellow attorney who represents sexual abuse survivors in civil courts throughout the US. Their paths crossed when Cohen & Malad, LLP’s sexual abuse litigation team co-counseled with Boz on a case here in Indiana. Shaunestte & Boz take a deeper dive into sexual abuse within organized religion. They discuss the impact the trauma of sexual abuse perpetrated by leaders and trusted advisors within a church environment has on victims and what churches can do better to protect & help their communities. This is an important conversation for everyone regardless of religion.

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Boz Tchividjian, attorney and advocate for abuse survivors joins Amy Fritz on the Untangled Faith podcast to answer your questions.

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A Hero for Victims of Sexual Abuse with Guest Boz Tchividjian

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